The Heart That Receives Only From Above

It is such an important thing to be connected. When you have a diesel backup generator although the main power from the grid is off, the generator automatically starts to run in seconds and you can continue to enjoy the electricity.

Lately when I have been visiting the district areas of our church, I was able to visit many brothers and sisters houses. Last week I visited one sister’s house and this house was very small. The light bulb barely produces enough light for one to read the text in the bible. Also the ventilation was poor, and there were many brothers and sisters attending the meeting. Some sat on the bed; some barely hang on to the little space they could find to sit.

But in this situation that was not very good, my heart was filled with thankfulness and I felt graceful.

It was getting hot and I had to remove my jacket at the middle of the preaching. When I saw these brothers who came to listen to my sermon I felt very sorry for them because when I look at myself.  I am the person who does not deserve or even have anything spiritual to give to them. For sure if it were me I would only complain because of the conditions, but instead, the brothers and sisters were listening to my sermon very joyfully.

One elder who was guiding that area was the one interpreting for me, actually I consider myself as his nephew, he was the one supposed to be preaching but he gave me grace to preach and he interpreted for me. I don't have any qualification to be there as a pastor. If I were in their shoes I could not last an hour listening to the word under such situations.

When returning to my house I said to God. “God I am not special, I am only wicked and dirty and filthy, why are you giving me such grace and blessing upon me like this?”

Today we are ending our IYF volunteer’s workshop. And we have university students here. When I look at my life when I was in University, although my father was a missionary and a pastor, I was such a big trouble maker. But in the church I did all the good church works and was a very good boy, at least for the reputation of my father.

Outside church when I met my friends we did so many bad things. Last year in March I visited New York for the CLF. I was a bit fearful and we finally arrived at the John F. Kennedy (JFK) airport. Then we arrived at the Immigration office. All the pastors we traveled with went ahead of me, they all took about five to seven minutes and were cleared then I went last.

When I went in, it took 7, 10, 15 minutes, and they were continuously typing something on the computer. All over sudden some two big policemen came and held my hands on both sides and took me to the airport police station.

Then our Kenyan pastors were shocked when they saw me being led away. These officers showed me many records of things that I did almost 10 years ago.

Then they said to me; “On this and this day, you did this and that. On this day you did this,” they showed me records of dates and the exact time that the incidents took place.

That time I asked, “This stuff happened like 10 years ago, do you still have to keep this? Then they answered, “These records and so in their computers they had the exact time date and even seconds of how I lived my life. Although I lived a seemingly good life in church, but they had the true record of my secret life. When I went out of church I was a criminal, like most of you.

I am not the person qualified to stand here before you preaching the word. When I was in high school and first year of university I was in court almost every month, but then I solved all this problems without my parent’s knowledge.

When they later let me go after 30 minutes our pastors were so shocked and they asked me what the problem was. Then I wanted to say, “It was a case of mistaken identity and they took the wrong guy.” I really wanted to say that, but I told them the truth how in my youth days I caused a lot of problem while in university and in college. And all our pastors from Kenya were shocked.

Earlier when they were investigating and they asked me what I was doing now, when I responded and said that am now a missionary in Africa, they could not turn their heads to look at me but said , “you, a missionary, a pastor?” and then they laughed it off, they could not believe me.

Everyone, I'm just as bad as many people are, but when I look at my life now, when I look at myself I had no dream or hope for future. If I had any dream was to join the army and die in the battle field. I said to my friends that my life was messed up and that is why I did so many bad things without caring if I'll die therefore I dint have any hope of going to university.

However thank God we have IYF a Christian based NGO that works for the development of youth. That time like many of you who are attending the workshop, I also attended the workshop and met the founder of IYF Rev. Ock Soo Park. So as I listened to the word of God, one day he spoke about Jesus speaking to Peter.

“I will make you fishers of men”, suddenly that word penetrated into my heart and it was engraved in my heart. “I will make you fishers of men”.

As I was listening to that word, “What?” I said to myself, “I will, I will? God wants to make me a fisher of men?” 

“If he wants to make me a fisher of men, then surely one day I will become a fisher of men.” That word just came inside of my heart, then time passed by, I graduated from university, and I asked my mentor Rev. Park, “I graduated from university now what should I do?” the he answered, “Come to Korea”.

The I said “I have come to Korea what should I do now?” “Join the army” he said to me. In Korea all men should join the army because of the state of war between the North and south. Personally I had no reason to join the army in south Korea because by then I was a permanent resident of the United States. So I just joined the army according to his word.

After I was discharged from the service I asked, “Pastor Park I got discharged from army, now what should I do?” “Come to theology school” he said. So I joined theology school.

After theology school I asked, “What should I do?” “Go to Kenya” he said.

So I came to Kenya, While in Kenya I said, “Reverend Park, I don't know how to do ministry.” “Hey Yohan,” he said, “Have fellowship, when you have fellowship the holy spirit will flow, and when the holy spirit flows then it will work in your life.”

That is why every day I go out and have fellowship with brothers and sisters, besides, I truly can see according to his word how the Holy Spirit is at work.

Receiving The Heart

Two, three days ago the lawn in our compound was completely brown. In some places you could easily see the soil. So the youth residing in our compound were asked not to play football on the ground, because the lawn was drying off. Then a few days ago it started to rain heavily, and as it begun to rain this brown lawn begun to turn into green color.

All the creation of God is fashioned in a manner that it can only receive from what is coming from above. The grass, flowers and trees that you see outside, if they cannot receive what is coming from above then they will eventually die. Also God has created our heart that it can only live when we receive from what comes from above.

However, as we live life, Satan deceives our heart so that we don't focus on what's coming from above, but only focus on “I am good at this or that, I can also do it”. 

When you look at the grass and trees and flowers, the nature can't do anything without receiving from above. So Satan deceives our heart so that we think that even if we do not receive things from above, we think “I am Smart, I have 20 years experience in this field, I know this very well, I can do it very well. Satan puts the heart to trust in ourselves, so that our hearts can come out from focusing on receiving from above.

Like the grass and the flowers and the trees that cannot live without receiving that which comes from above, one thing we should know is that our hearts can also not live without that which is coming from above. Without His grace, His Mercy and good health that comes down from above. Without helping hand that comes down from above, but Satan puts the heart that I can do well and fine. With that kind of a heart our life becomes completely cut off from the supply that comes from above.

Heading to west coast of US, all the cities located in the west are on desert land, Los Angeles, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona Nevada and California. Even now when you attempt to make a road trip down to the west there is always an advisory on certain checkpoints asking motorists to carry enough fuel, because there are desert places where you can’t find any gas station or human settlement.

Although located in the desert area, Los Angeles is now the second largest city in the United Stated of America. It was a desert but has transformed into a huge city. Many said it’s impossible to build a city there. How then did L.A come to be? Long time ago 400 kilometers away in the city called Colorado, there was a huge mountain, and they tapped into the river Colorado coming from the mountain and connected pipes to bring water to L.A, 400 km away. L.A is a desert city, there is no water, therefore no life can be found in the city; but the reason it has turned into second largest city is because they received.

Like the city of L.A, God Changed My Desert like Life

My life was a truly messed up life, I didn't have any dream, I didn't have any hope, I was a criminal. I tried to come out o crime but I couldn't by myself. However in that desert like life of mine heart, God also blessed me so that I can flow and receive.  Like how L.A received the Colorado River water; I began to also learn the life of receiving the heart of my mentor. Ever since I began to live the life of receiving my life begun to turn around. Even the city of L.A became the second largest city in the United States.

In my own country South Korea there are not underground natural resources. Korea tried so many times to find petroleum to the extent of drilling the deep sea bed, but not a single drop of oil was found in the Korean peninsula.

However, until 2012 south Korea's number one export product was petroleum.  There is no single drop of petroleum, but after realizing this fact precisely, Korea begun to receive crude oil from Saudi Arabia, purify it to make gas for engines, while they produce plastic and rubber materials from the byproducts. This changed Korea economically in many areas. And so, what is the secret of this rapid growth? They simply just received.

Also in Korea so many people drink coffee, but there is no single coffee plantation because of the climate. So what they did was to import world best coffees from all countries like Brazil. Ethiopia, Kenya, Jamaica and others, blended the coffee beans together and made a superior product for export. Now it is among the top ten world largest coffee exporter.

Perhaps we can also learn from the Koreans. When the Asian tiger realized they could never find in their own land these precious commodities, they decided to import the row material. Now even countries who grow coffee buy it from them. L.A realized it had no water so it received. In my life, I was messed up without any dream or hope, because I had no way or means, I began to receive the word of God and guidance as it is inside of my heart. From then on my life and my future changed, even now I am a criminal, I am not such a person who should stand and preach in front of you, but ever since I begun to receive my life completely begun to change.

Who can live the life of receiving?

 Your current image is not important, whether you don't have a lot of money, you are not smart in school, and you have no experience it’s alright. So, who can live the life of receiving? It is the one who accurately realizes their true image. Truly I am a person who is not worth it.

Luke 15:11-32

 Here there is first and second son. The first son was obedient to father V: 29. Compared to his younger brother he served only the father, unlike his prodigal son. That is why he formed the heart to trust himself and did not regard other peoples help. But this was not the father’s heart. God does not want you to live a diligent life. Instead of you living for Him, He wants you to first receive the heart of the father. Right now the first son does not know the heart of the father. The father is joyful and merry, because the younger son has returned, but the first son has nothing to do with the heart of the father.

The first son is just being diligent, but in terms of the fathers heart his heart is disconnected from the father. Do you think the father wanted the first son to work hard for him? Some of you are parents. Do you expect your children to live diligently in the house? Cleaning well, washing dishes, cooking the food.

I want my children to enjoy living with me. I want my children to enjoy in my house. The first son because he trusted himself he didn't care about the heart of the father nor to know what the heart of the father was. He just thought, “If I work hard for the father he must be pleased with me, he must favor me, he must like me and praise me.” that was the first son's thought, but then his thought was wrong. The father never wanted the first son to work hard for him. What is the heart of the father?

A True Father's Heart

The heart of the father to the son is, in the powerful name of the father to receive all things that he wants. My children never worry about food or rent or school fees. Who between me and my children should worry about our needs? It is the father. Luke 15:31

31 And he said unto him, Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.

In the same way “Son you are always with me....” it means “You don't have to worry about anything, you don't have to do anything. As long as you are together with me, I will be responsible for you.” That is the heart of the father.

The first son had the thought that “I am good and fine” and that he was better than his younger brother.   “Look at him, he took fathers property and wasted it with harlots, something must be wrong with him.”  He thought “I can never be like him, I want to be a good son and I'm smart and diligent to serve the father.” 

The father had never told him to serve him diligently; instead he wanted the son to rest in his bosom.

My son, Am always with you, you are always with me, and you don't have to serve me because I want to serve you. It is me who should worry about all your needs and not you.”

Who is worrying about your life? Aren't you worried about your financial difficulties, aren't you the one worried about your health, aren't you the one worried about your children, aren't you the one worried about your future? Why are you worried about these things?  Because you are the one trusting in yourself.

If you truly believe that father is always with me, then you don't have to worry about anything. This are father's worries and not your. The father said “Son you are always with me, all that I have is yours.”


Not only to this first son, today God wants to speak the same language to us as well. To you who is worried about your future, to you who is worried about your business, to you who is worried about health and  to you who is worried about your financial situation as well as you who is worried about your marriage.

To such people, God wants to tell you, two things.

Firstly. “Son, daughter, you are always with Me.” he wants to say “If you are together with me, it is me who is going to worry about them.” That is the heart of God towards us. When you receive that heart, then your heart which was like a desert, the heart which was completely dried up, will change like Los Angeles and like Korea will change like my life, all these only by knowing and receiving the heart of the father inside of you.

What is that heart of the father towards me and you? “You are always with me

Secondly, (This is my favorite part) He says “...and all mine is yours.” repeat these words three times to yourself. And what does that mean? You don't have wisdom? His wisdom is yours. You don't have Happiness? His happiness is yours. You don't have joy. His joy is yours. You're in difficulties because you lack money? You think God has no money? You think He also goes through financial difficulties? If you need money, His money is also yours. You don't have Peace? His peace is yours. You don't have rest in your family? His rest is yours.

He is telling you that all His is yours. You should not try to live diligently trying to serve him not even knowing his heart; it is not that you should try to do something like the first son. You just have to know HIS heart, flow and receive His heart just the way that it is. “RECEIVING”. Repeat this word twice, “RECEIVING”, “RECEIVING”.

It is not that you should do diligently for Him, but that you should have that one heart that you received. 

Word of God told me “I will make you fisher of men”, “Yohan, have fellowship, if you have fellowship the Holy Spirit will flow, and when the Holy Spirit flows the Holy Spirit will work.”

I don't do a diligent spiritual life or try to do a good spiritual life, but my heart is focused on receiving from the one who has the answer. Why are you suffering about your future? It’s because you are only trying hard to make a better future and you don't care about receiving.

When you look at all the creation of God, everything is designed to receive. And also in the world of our heart he has made so that our heart can only live when it receives. Receive what?

Knowing and Receiving The Heart of God.

 The heart of God towards us is, “Son, you are always with me, and all that I have is yours,” If you need peace, God's Peace is yours, you need joy and happiness, God's joy and happiness is yours. If you are the one who receives this word as you read it, then you’re thinking must flow in this way.

Ah, so if God says that, then His peace, joy, rest and Happiness are all mine.” not only that but, “His money and good health are also mine.

If you are not receiving this word right now, “Although I believe this word, will he really give me money and good health, rest and peace?” If you are not receiving this word your thought is flowing in that way.

It’s not that you should live working hard and diligently seeking him, you need to know the heart of God and receive the heart of God the way it is. And that heart that you have received will begin to work in your heart.

Another Heart

Matthew 7:21 “Not everyone who say unto me Lord, Lord shall enter the Kingdom of heaven”

Right now Jesus is not speaking to everyone, but only to them who subscribe to the Christian faith. He is not speaking to you Muslim, or Hindu or Buddhist. He is speaking to Christians.

It means not all who say they are Christians will enter heaven. At least if you go to church, you call yourself a Christian, right? Every Christian calls Jesus lord lord, but he says, “Not everyone who say unto me Lord, Lord shall enter the Kingdom of heaven”. But “He who does the will of my Father which is in Heaven”

So who can enter into the Kingdom of Heaven? Is it you who is working hard, or you who is dozing off as you read this passage? In order for you to enter the Kingdom of Heaven you have to know the heart of God, and then you need to receive the heart of God as it is. Is that right?

Do you know the heart of God? The Bible says “ Not everyone who say unto me Lord, Lord shall enter the Kingdom of heaven; But He who does the will of my Father which is in Heaven”

In order for you to enter the Kingdom of Heaven you need to know also the will of God. So, what is that will of God?

1Thessalonians 4:3 “For this is the will of God, even your sanctification,” in the English dictionary the word Sanctification means to be “Holy”.

Therefore if you are the one who is doing the will of God you must be able to say that “I am Holy”, whether you look holy or not is not important, the important thing is the heart of God towards you.

Hebrews 10: 10 - By that will we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.

Through the offering of Jesus' body the will of God which is to make you holy has been fulfilled. Not by your efforts, not by your diligent work, nor keeping commandments. The heart of God is that I am always with you and that all that I have is yours. That is God's Heart about our salvation.

God is telling you “My Heart and will for you was that you be sanctified, so I did not tell you to something or keep commandments of apply diligence, so I sent Jesus Christ to come and make you sanctified. In this scripture there is no man's work required. But many people because they don't know the Heart and the Will of God, they are not even interested in knowing and receiving the heart and will of God. This is because many have the heart to trust themselves

“Although I don't know the heart of God and His Will, I can do it well. That is why you don't even try to search for the will of God; you don't even try to know the will of God. Today through this Holy Bible you clearly saw the Heart of God. The heart of God towards us which is our sanctification. But he did not ask us t sanctify ourselves, He already made us to be sanctified. And then he is only telling you to believe in that.

Once you know the heart of God and receive it just as it is, from that point on your life will be turned around.

I was a criminal, I was so bad, in fact I was not even worthy to stand before people and speak, when I look at myself going to house visits and see brothers and sisters seated down and listen to me, sometimes in uncomfortable situations for more than an hour to listen to my words; I ask God, “Who am I that they can seat and listen to me? Truly lord I am worthless person, I am a criminal who only committed sin, who only went against the gospel. Lord who am I to receive such service from your people? Why are they waiting for me?

Truly I am not that person who can be listened to, but starting from that time, where I had my focus on knowing the heart of God, focused on knowing the heart of the church, focused on knowing the heart of the servant of God. When I received that heart, like the lawn begins to change when it receives rain from above, Korea and L.A begun to change, I begun to change.

I believe that your life will also change. The first son trusted himself, “I'm not interested in that heart, I can also do it well, if you have the heart of trusting yourself you can never form the heart to try and search and know His Heart.

If you experience this world, it is an amazing world, when you begun reading you were a sinner, but as we searched the heart of God through this words, we were able to find the will of God is for you to be sanctified. And He has already made you sanctified. Then, you must be sanctified.

Receiving that heart the way it is, you find that this word is so amazing. This is something that you cannot experience out there in the world. It's not only me, all of us like Matthew 25 says of the one who received the one talent. The master has called you, “ You unprofitable servant”, when you accurately realize that you are unprofitable servant, when you also come to realize you are wicked and lazy servant; then you can no longer rely on what you know, what you think because you are wicked and lazy, because you are unprofitable. You will form the heart to yarn to know the heart of God.

What is the heart of God towards these problems and difficulties? What is the heart of God towards these grievances?  You can yarn to know the heart of God, and to receive the heart of God the way it is. From then on, the heart of God which you receive come inside of your heart and begins to work and begins to change. What we have to focus on is not what I do, but we have to focus on the heart to yarn to know the heart of God, heart of the master, heart of the church and heart of the servant of God.

God says He “is always with us.” and “all that He has is ours”.