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Greetings Message

Message from the founder

Rev. Dr. Ock Soo Park
The founder of Good News Misison and Senior Pastor of Good News Mission Gangnam Church S.Korea, Rev. Ock Soo Park.

Greeting from the founder

The Bible shows that David was playing the harp when King Saul was about to throw a spear at him. King Saul was a king who believed in God, but he always felt uneasy, keeping a spear with him. But David could play the harp and sing in front of King Saul even when he knew that Saul planned to kill him. David believed that God would stay with him and protect him from all hardships including Saul’s spear. David sang in peace while King Saul was in fear.

The ones who are with God can rest even in front of any possible problems including sins because God takes care of them. But the ones who do not have true lives of faith try to handle all the hardships by themselves, are in pain feeling fearful and sad.

I see the members of the Good News Mission enjoy peace, a happy family, and blessed lives by receiving the forgiveness of sins and living spiritual lives. Some couples were divorced before they came to the mission, but they became united after joining the mission. There are almost no incidents of divorce inside the mission because God holds and keeps our hearts to give us happy families.

When we are saved from sin, born again, and accompany Jesus, He leads us to rest, peace, and joy. That is to say, we will live true spiritual lives where God works among us. I hope that you will receive the forgiveness of sins and enjoy a peaceful and blessed life by coming to the Good News Mission.


  1. Founder of the Good News Mission Church
  2. Author of 38 books, including the best-selling titles, “Navigating the Heart: Who Are You Who Is Dragging Me?” and “Secret of Forgiveness of Sins and Being Born Again”
  3. Author of a featured sermon series in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times
  4. Founder of Mahanaim, a Christian post-secondary school in NY
  5. Religious advisor to national presidents
  6. Founder of International Youth Fellowship (IYF)
  7. Host of the annual Ministers of Youth World Forum
  8. Founder of Good News Corps
  9. Founder of the Lincoln House School
  10. Founder of Good News Broadcasting System (GBS)
  11. Honorary Doctor of Philosophy, National University of Mongolia
  12. “New Leader of Churches” award, The Daily Sports
  13. 2005 New Korean Award, Hankook Ilbo
  14. “2005 Great Korean Grand Prize” award from The Korea Times
  15. Official TI&E Speaker for the Korean National Army