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Mahanaim Education Institute


Mahanaim Education Institute

Mahanaim Educational Institute (College) is an academic institution registered by the Ministry of Education and based in Nairobi Kenya. We offer quality training to our graduates amalgamated with spiritual nourishment through bible Study. We offer diploma, certificate and refresher courses in various professional fields namely Diploma in ICT, Certificate in IT, ICDL, Diploma in Tourism Management, Certificate in Tour Guiding and Travel Operations, Diploma in Journalism, Certificate in Journalism, Diploma in Journalism & Media Studies, Chinese, English, Korean Tae Kwon Do amongst other courses. Our exam bodies are KNEC, ICDL, ICM, HSK, Internal Exams and other international exam bodies. Join us and be empowered with international standards.

We offer various Diploma and Certificate courses to our students with a focus on creating a market ready skill set. Our students not only gain professional experience but soft skills in life. Our tagline is 3C which stands for Challenge, Change, and Cohesion.

CHALLENGE: We encourage tomorrow’s leaders through various challenges, especially in overcoming their personal limits & thoughts.

CHANGE: Anyone who boards the Mahanaim Ship of Change gains a clean and a radiant heart.

COHESION: A single solace, where the exchange between youths from over 80 different countries occur, promotes unison.