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Curriculum and Delivery

Curriculum and Delivery

 Curriculum delivery issues

  • The curriculum of each unit shall contain the course outline, course content, expected learning outcomes, and references.

  • All the units in the course shall be distributed across the semesters as shown in the course distribution table.

  • Any changes in the curriculum shall be decided at the Faculty Board.

Students’ Academic Evaluation

  1. Both formal and summative evaluations will be conducted.
  2. Unit lecturers shall conduct evaluation processes.
  3. The course lecturer shall award credits after each evaluation.
  4. Students must complete the required credits per semester.
  5. Grades shall be evaluated by the faculty board according to reports, examinations, participation, and research paper.
  6. In case the faculty board is not satisfied with the grade of the student or the student has any objection towards the grade, it can be re-evaluated.
  7. The final exam will be held once in a semester and will be taken during the attendance lecture.
  8. Students who shall apply for Pastoral ministry shall submit reports and counsel with the dean after completing the final exam.

 Standard of Evaluation

  1. Every semester consists of 12 lectures per subject.
  2. There will be continuous assignments and at the end of every semester, there will be final exams.
  3. Their average marks for the assignments is 60%, while the final exam is 40%
  4. The average grades shall be awarded at the end of every semester.
  5. Grades shall be canceled in case of any examination irregularities

GPA Marks Grading

Letter Grade
Percentage of Grade
4.0 GPA Scale
Below 65

Academic Probation

There shall be an academic warning to those who fail to achieve above/at least 1.70 of average academic results in every semester during his/her period in the institution.

Those with two or more academic warnings shall be expelled from the institution. However, the faculty may advise the concerned students to retake the units failed.

Correction and Cancelation of Results

There shall be a correction or cancelation of results when there is ascertained fraudulent act or an error.

Graduation and Completion

The required number of units for graduation shall be above 60.

In the case of a regular student who has completed the entire process in the institution and has acquired the average result of 2.0, he/she will be awarded a certificate and or diploma in Theology. He or she is eligible to become a Good News Mission Affiliated Pastor (GAP), Good News Ordained Pastors, and qualification as an Education Missionary when he/she has passed the graduation assessment. Also, in the case of an auditor, he/she will be awarded the certificate of completion when passed the graduation assessment.

Repetition of a session

For those who have failed to achieve the required amount of credit and those who were eliminated from the inspection of promotion and graduation, he/she may repeat the particular semester during the time in institution one at a time. The way of operation shall be determined by the dean separately.

Transmission of Course Content

  • Lectures shall be transmitted via Google classroom online learning
  • One lecture per week per subject will be transmitted
  • Students who shall apply for online studies shall receive a link on their email. NB: Lectures uploaded on the internet shall only last one week.
  • Conventional sessions (face to face) shall be held once a month by the institution at a specified venue. Students must attend physically during these sessions
  • The Faculty Board shall set dates for the conventional (face to face sessions). The dates shall be communicated via the students’ email addresses.

Rules & Regulations


Students must abide by and boost the sound academic traditions and learn and master the education and skills to increase knowledge and foster talents.

Disciplinary Action

The Dean may take a student into a disciplinary action for failing under any one of the following issues.

  1. Those with faulty conduct, spiritual life and has tarnished or damaged the honor of the institution.
  2. Examinations irregularities
  3. Disciplinary action shall be distinguished into warning, probation, suspension, and expulsion.
  4. Detailed terms related to disciplinary action will be further determined by the Faculty Board.


The Dean may award students with outstanding and decent conduct, and the needy students with scholarship and the related rules shall be determined by the Dean separately.

When a scholarship student is on break, under expulsion, or being put on probation, the scholarship shall be halted and in case of a drop-out, the scholarship already awarded shall be taken back.

There shall be a Scholarship Committee deliberating the terms related to rewarding scholarships and the management affairs shall be determined by the Dean separately.

Cost of Courses

All courses have a total cost of Kshs. 30,000 per semester. However, with the sponsorship from MBC headquarters, U S A, the tuition fee has been subsidized to Ksh 5,000 per semester.