Can You Say That You Know Jesus? Part 3

Although we say we know Jesus we are holding unto our problems ourselves and I am trying to solve the sadness, problem, grievances. Everyone that cannot be real spiritual life for someone who claims to know Jesus accurately in their lives. Everyone if you accurately know Jesus you are able to acknowledge that Jesus, that you accurately know inside of your life. Here Mary and Joseph thought that they were with Jesus but they were not together with Jesus.

In John 21 there were disciples after Jesus was crucified they lost hope and their esteem was lowered, their strength and power. Jesus is dead, what are we supposed to do? But Jesus appeared before them and they were very happy in their hearts. John 20:20. As God has sent me now I will also send you. Why is Jesus sending the disciples? To live for themselves? No. why did Jesus send the disciples?

Because Jesus wanted the disciples to go and live like Jesus doing the work that Jesus was doing.1 Samuel 14:4-8. Everyone those who accurately know the name of Jesus they have the heart of moving forward. God is giving them a new heart that you never had before. All over sudden you really want to move forward towards the burden, difficulties and towards the challenges. Jonathan is the son of King Saul. Although he doesn’t risk himself there’s no one who is going to complain about Jonathan but, he accurately knows God in his heart. 

What does it mean to say that he knew God accurately? Knowing God accurately means that God is with me and God is going to help me. Because he knew God who is together with him accurately a strange heart began to arise from him. When he did not know the heart of God he was so fearful, he didn’t want to move forward. It was so burdensome for him to move forward, he was lazy, but when he accurately knew about God. God began to continuously grow the heart in him. The new heart inside of him.

He’s not such a person who would move forward or a person who would go over the burden and challenges in his life. But from the moment he began to know God in his heart. Ever since he began to know God in his heart a strange heart begun to arise in him. If I go over to the garrison of this uncircumcised I think God is going to help me. 

These people don’t even believe in God the almighty God who has created the heaven and earth He is together with us if we are with God then God must help us. Although I don’t go with many people, if God is with me then He’s going to help me. As he kept on meditating about God and thinking about God as the heart of God begun to rise in him the new heart of crossing over to the other side a new heart begun to arise in him God is going to be with us He is going to help us and He’s going to work through us. Is that right?

Verse 6 Whether we are many, or few it doesn’t matter if the Lord is together with us He’s going to help us, He’s going to fight for us. Everyone is that right? Everyone, what is it to know God accurately in your heart? What does it mean to say I know Jesus accurately in my heart? It means I know Jesus who saved me from all of my sins. I know Jesus every time when I step forward towards the burden and towards that challenge. God is going to help me, God is going to fight for me that Jesus is going to help me.

Everyone as we go through this coronavirus as a world emergency, we can be bold, we can have faith in our hearts. Everyone if you know Jesus even before this coronavirus you can also believe that Jesus is going to protect us from this virus that Jesus is going to keep us and protect Kenya from Coronavirus. Everyone if that Jesus whose name is Savior, Emmanuel promises to be with us and protect us then even the coronavirus cannot penetrate inside of us, even that problem cannot penetrate inside of us. Sadness, difficulties cannot penetrate us.

Everyone let’s not focus on trying to solve the problem lets focus on learning about Jesus, learning His name and learning Jesus in your heart. If you know Jesus accurately in your heart then that Jesus is going to continuously create a new heart inside of me, to continuously move forward into challenges we’ve never been through before. Move forward toward the burden and he will do the work and give you the victorious heart in your life. 

Don’t let that Jesus sleep on the pillow, wake up Jesus let Jesus work for you. Jesus wants to work for us. Everyone Jesus like in John 7 people were confused about Jesus. Hey, Jesus is just a prophet, he is a human being he’s not a good man, not a prophet, and He is the son of God who has put the Holy Spirit inside of us so that we can live like Jesus on this earth. Everyone let us know Jesus accurately in our hearts focus on knowing Jesus accurately in our hearts, that Jesus will work in our lives.

Thank you very much hope to see you next time.

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