Can You Say That You Know Jesus? Part 2

A long time ago there was a rich man and he had a son. The son went to the Sahara desert. So that he can cross over to the other side of the desert, he got on his land cruiser and as he was crossing the desert, in the middle of the desert the car broke down. He tried to ask for an emergency saying, help me! Help me! My car has broken down, help me! No matter how many times he sent the signals for support and help one day passed by, three days passed by, five days passed by but no help came to him.

In the middle of the desert, there was not even a single tree to make a shadow to cover himself. There was that scorching sun every day and it was so difficult for him to stay under the sun. Now five days passed by, seven days passed by and he ate all the food and water that he had in his car. About another one week passed by, he started to stay under the car as a shadow now he kept on sending for signal but no one would respond and then later he died under the car because of thirst.

About two weeks passed by, this one helicopter was passing by the Sahara desert, and they discovered a broken down land cruiser. When they landed at the site, it was that young man who was the son of the richest person in that area. So they rescued him and realized that he had died of thirst. But one thing they were really feeling so sad was that the water was just a few centimeters above his head. During that time they didn’t use chemicals for the radiator, they poured water in the radiator.

So during that time they did not use the chemical to cool that engine, they used just pure water so he died of thirst. If he had known that just right above his nose there was a car engine, a fan, and the radiator. In the radiator, there was the water to cool the engine. Everyone if he had known that there was water in the radiator he could’ve opened the cup of the radiator and drunk the water little by little and the specialists guessed he could have lived until this helicopter came to save him.

Everyone, he didn’t know that there was water in the radiator. Everyone knowing Jesus and not knowing Jesus is going to bring such a big difference in your life as well. Knowing that there was water in the radiator and not knowing that there was water in the radiator it had brought a big difference in his life. Because he didn’t know that there was water in the radiator just a few centimeters above his nose he had to die.

If he had known that there was water in the radiator he could have survived and rescued by those people in the helicopter. In the same way, those people who live a life of knowing Jesus accurately in their hearts, and those people who vaguely understand Jesus your life can never be the same inside of your life. Right now they are having a commotion, divisions amongst them because of Jesus. Why is there a division, why is there a commotion, why is there a fight about Jesus because they don’t know accurately about Jesus.

Everyone knowing accurately about Jesus and not knowing accurately about Jesus, it’s going to make a big difference in saving your life from your sin. If you know Jesus accurately then Jesus must be inside of your heart as the one who saves his people from there sins. Many people say Jesus Jesus but they don’t know Jesus in an accurate way.

Luke 2:44 it talks about Jesus when he was 12years old. Jesus together with his parents went to the city to be registered for the census. Now as they were coming back in the midst of the whole population of the world which was moving around going to their own cities for registration. So as they were returning Joseph and Mary thought that they were with the boy Jesus. So they went for a couple of days' journey but when they looked back they did not find the boy Jesus. They went out for about a day not knowing that they were not together with Jesus, they obviously thought that we all together with Jesus. Aah! this child who is 12years old must be together with us.

That’s what Mary and Joseph thought. However, they went for a day and when they looked behind they didn’t find Jesus so they started looking for him hey baby Jesus where are you? They asked their relatives and friends if they had seen Jesus. I don’t remember seeing Jesus, the last time I saw Jesus was when we were still in Jerusalem. Jesus’s parents were very surprised at the thought of losing Jesus. Everyone many of us in our spiritual life we’re living this kind of spiritual life. 

What kind of spiritual life? Mary and Joseph thought that they were walking together with Jesus but when they looked back, they realized that they were not together with Jesus. Everyone aren’t you living such a spiritual life in your heart? Though you might say yes I know Jesus, yes because I received salvation, of course, I know Jesus. Although you say you know Jesus, do you really live a life as a person who knows Jesus?

If you accurately know Jesus. Number one; you should not have any sin in your heart, do you need to know Jesus who is an Emmanuel inside of your heart? That’s why to those people who accurately know about Jesus, a problem can’t be a problem inside of their hearts, difficulties can’t be difficulties in their hearts. Because we’re in Good News Mission Church and we listen to the word every day we just guess that we know Jesus. 

But everyone through this word in the book of John 7, I hope you can look back into your heart and confirm whether I also know Jesus just as a good human being, as a good Jesus, and as a good prophet. Everyone Jesus is not a prophet, Jesus is not a good human being. Jesus is the Son Of God. Who is able to solve all of your problems? If you really know Jesus then a problem can’t be a problem. If you really know Jesus then you should be able to hand over all your difficulties, problems, sorrows and grievances unto the hand of Jesus. Isn’t that right?

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