Can You Say That You Know Jesus? Part 1

Hello everyone, today let us open the book of John 7:10-13, verse 40-44. Everyone right now John 7 it is talking about how they’re continuously having trouble in between the people, they’re having trouble because some say He is a prophet, He’s Christ, and He’s good and that He deceives the people. Although we meet Jesus there are two different types of people who receive Jesus in their hearts some people receive Jesus in their hearts as a prophet but some people receive Jesus in their hearts as Christ.

Everyone there’s a big difference in how you receive Jesus in your heart. It’s also very important in how do you know of Jesus. At the beginning of chapter 7, Jesus went up for the feast of the tabernacle but He went secretly so people didn’t know that He was there. They were searching for Jesus. Oh! were is Jesus? The brothers of Jesus, the relatives, people who knew of Jesus begun to wonder where is Jesus?

It’s the feast of tabernacle Jesus should be here, where is he right now? They couldn’t find Jesus in that place so they began to speak about Jesus in verse 7 there is a fight among his brothers as well. Others were saying he’s good because he preaches the gospel but the others, on the contrary, they say no, Jesus is not good I heard a rumor about Jesus like this, some people were talking about Jesus like this, Jesus is the one who deceives the people so there’s a commotion also between the family and people who know Jesus but we can clearly see that these people don’t know Jesus accurately in their hearts.

Verse 40 talks about who is Jesus, Verse 43 says that there was a division among the people. What kind of division? A division between those people who believed Jesus as the true son of God and those who believed Jesus as just one of us human beings but he’s a prophet he’s a man of God.

Everyone there’s a big difference between knowing Jesus accurately and not knowing him accurately in our hearts. Everyone how do you know of Jesus inside of your heart? Everyone, number one if you know of Jesus accurately the sin problem must have been solved. Matthew 1 talks about the true meaning of Jesus, the true meaning of Jesus is to save his people from their sins.

Everyone if you really want to say I know Jesus, then you have to know Jesus accurately who is the savior from our sins you say I know Jesus very well but yet you’re still in sin. It means you don’t know Jesus very well, it means you know nothing about Jesus. In order for you to say that I know Jesus, you must be clearly freed from sin. Why? Because the reason why Jesus was sent to this world was to save his people from their sins. Jesus has already completed that work and at the cross, before he died, he said it’s finished and bowed down his head and his spirit left his flesh and his body.

Everyone, what does it really mean to know Jesus in your heart? Do you have sin in your heart? Are you still under sin? Do you have even a little bit of sin in your heart? It means you don’t know Jesus in an accurate way. Like these people, they knew Jesus as a prophet yes he’s a great man of God, he’s a great servant of God. They considered Jesus as a human being as just a good human being but they don’t know Jesus as a son of God who came upon this earth for each one of you and to save you out of your sin.

Often times, we also in our hearts as we live our spiritual life, consider Jesus also as a human being. Just Jesus as one of us everyone if you accurately know that Jesus is the son of God and if you accurately know that Jesus can save you from your sin if you accurately know that Jesus can save you from your problems and troubles why would you not turn to Jesus?

The reason why you are still having the sin problem in your heart is that you do not know Jesus in an accurate way. Number 2 the meaning of the name of Jesus, there’s another name of Jesus called Emmanuel what does it mean to say, Emmanuel? It means God with us. It means he is together with us because Jesus is together with us nothing can be a problem in our life but although we’re together with Jesus we don’t know Jesus in an accurate way.

We live a life as if we’re separated which is as same as not accurately knowing Jesus inside your heart. Although he has given you the power if you don’t realize that you have the power would you use the power or you wouldn’t?

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