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'Let there be light, there was light,

On the evening of Sunday the 29th, the good news was shared at the Hanbat Church. Many brothers and sisters who attended the service on this day filled the 5th floor auditorium and gathered their hearts before the words of God. This came a day after the discomfort of the summer heat caused the closing ceremony dates to be moved.


Light footsteps for warmth and united worship


Auditorium filled with attendees at the joint service

At the service Pastor Ock Soo Park testified the amazing work that God had wrought through the World Camp and emphasized it in Mark 1 that all power is in the Word of God.

"I was so amazed to see the Gospel enter the CLF Christian pastors who attended our sessions twice a year and it was something I could not have imagined before, and God who opened the door to us made us feel so grateful. All power to make us strong and to light us is in the Word of God. Genesis 1: "Let there be light, and there was light." At the word, "Let there be light," the darkness retreated.This will be the power of defeating sin, defeating darkness, defying distress, and defying difficulties is in the Word. "


Pastor Ock Soo Park

"In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus met Peter in the sea of Galilee. When Peter relied on the word and lowered the net, he caught a net full of fish. It is not what we do well and what we do not, but the Word becomes power. Just as Peter, who denied Jesus and went through trial, when he came to see him again, Jesus did not let Peter live a life without Jesus. You also live boldly serving the Lord with the help of Jesus who came in the most difficult time."


The brothers and sisters who attended the worship service on that day were able to appreciate beautiful music performances. Instrumental performances and singing performances prepared by the Gracias Choir, and a mixed chorus prepared by the Hanbat Grace Choir made the participants happy.



7.JPG The Grace Choir performed in traditional African costumes and received a big applause and response with 'Ebeneza' and 'Baba Yetu', and responded with the song 'Praise the Lord with joy'. Good news Elder Lee Seung-ho of Gangnam Church also shared joy and gratitude with his brothers and sisters, bearing testimony of God whom he met at the World Camp.

Despite the heat of the day, many brothers and sisters in the Chungcheong area gathered to give thanks and glory to God and desired God to work in the upcoming "2018 Summer Camp".