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A leper who is unclean has to tear his garments and shout unclean! unclean!

When I received the call from Nairobi that we shall have a pastors workshop I did not have the heart of senior pastor because I thought its obvious we to go for workshops after pastors come from South Korea. I had just come from Mahanaim Bible Classes and I had rumors that I have been transferred to a new church. So, I just wanted to seat back and watch out everything because that very week had taken my son to a new school and was really afraid of it. Pastor said that we open our hearts and talk of what is in our hearts but I could rarely share my heart. After the rebuke from pastor that night I could cry in my heart because I had many things in my heart which were pushing me to stop the ministry.

Pastor Eric Amwayi, Good News Mission Ngong Church.jpg Pastor Eric Amwayi

I received grace from our group which was led by Pst. Erick Ochindo from Good News Mission, Thika church and I poured my heart after he shared from the book of Leviticus 13:45~46 about the leper who is unclean has to tear his garments and shout unclean, unclean. In this case I had to tear my heart and reveal my wicked heart.I have been suffering from not sharing my heart before servants of God. Many times I thought I should just counter attack in my heart other than revealing. I had lots of complains towards my wife and Satan was continuously giving me the thought to run away from my wife. Though I compared her to others and I couldn’t reflect what the word of God was speaking in Romans 4:3 "what does the scripture say" I came to realize through the scripture that it is not wise according to 2nd Corinthians 10:12. When our senior pastor was guiding us the following day he talked about the family of Elimeleck and why they died. I found some answers to my questions that my heart was heading to Moab from the book of Ruth 1:1~5. I realized that am disqualified to be a minister of the Gospel and I need to be cast out and chased but the church and the servant of God gave me grace to be in church just as the dirty women found in the genealogy of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Eric Amwayi workshop testimony.jpgPastor Eric with his wife and their son

As the workshop was going on I was very happy when my wife opened her heart and spoke of what has been ailing us. Many pastors approached me some for fellowship,the good part was that after it all God could guide my heart through the fellowship. I really want to embrace fellowship because it is the only thing that will give me strength in the Ministry. I could remember the words of our senior pastor when he visited us for 2nd service in Ngong because he said we make a big crusade and invite him in February.

We are moving and looking for the place as we all fellowship with brothers and sisters the heart we received from Nairobi. I can have a smile after the workshop because of the word of God through the testimonies of all those who went to South Korea for 3months training. I received the heart of attending 3 months Training in South Korea and am asking all our readers to pray for me as I am preparing for it.

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