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Kenya Easter Bible Retreat

The 2018 Easter Bible Retreat kicked off upbeat with over 1,200 brethren for the Good News Mission (GNM) Kenya Church converging at the headquarters in Nairobi on Thursday 29th March.


This is the first of a biannual event held by GNM in April and December every year.


The main speaker of the event reverend Cho Sang Rae from South Korea shared the message on the opening evening urging brethren to refrain from their own works as they do spiritual life in church.


With the Theme “Let’s Return To The Bible”, the main Speaker explained how in Luke 15 the prodigal son returned to his father with the heart to do something, which is why he asked to be made a servant and not a son. But the father (God) who does not want to guide us by the law as servants but as sons declined and demonstrated his love and free gift.


The retreat is a special event that gathers brothers and sisters of GNM to recharge their spirits and pave way for fellowship among each other, as they unite the heart to allow the flow of the Holy Spirit in the church of God.



Other mini activates that take place during the retreat include Individual counseling for spiritual life, Gospel class for new comers, Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF) meetings for ministers from other denominations attending the retreat as well as a children’s camp.



Ordinations for GNM church leaders and ministers as well as a baptismal ceremony for newly born again Christians are among the activities that also take place during the retreat period.


The event as the name suggests runs till 2nd April, on Easter Monday after which brothers and sisters depart for their respective destinations.