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GOSPEL : The channel to flow the blessings of God in 2019

Derived from a Sermon by Rev. Ock Soo Park when he visited Good News Mission Kenya Church December 30th 2018

When the true Christians who faced persecution in England, by other religious group with government power, they moved to the newly discovered the new land of America. It was a vast wilderness with a lot of wind and wild animals. Because of this it was difficult for them to protect their children. Some of the people immediately started building their houses, but one person who saw this, but he asked them “on this great land, will we be able to live here without the world of God?” Before our houses we must first build a church. However dangerous it is, let us put God first in all what we do. Before our houses, let us build the church in the middle and on all sides made roads all-round the church. When they finished the chapel, they built schoolS and later other social amenities.

persecution of puritans by majority catholics in power.jpg -- persecution of puritans by majority catholics in power

puritans worship in newly built churches.jpg -- puritans worship in newly built

At that time Russia civilization was more advanced than any other country, but at that time God gave American people a lot of grace and blessing of God that they rapidly developed and became the best country in the whole world! They built the empire state building with 102 floors for a record 13 months considering that at that time they didn’t have the tools for it. It is clear that God gave Americans at that time wisdom that no one in the world had at that time. At school they learnt the word and the Bible, they sent missionaries all over the world. Most of countries of the world got to know about Jesus in the second half of the 2nd century.

empire-state-building-construction-upto 86 storey.jpg -- empire-state-building-construction

NYC_Empire_State_Building-after completion.jpg

Luke 24:47 says And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem. Pastor Park spoke how but the grace of God he was able to receive the forgiveness in October, 1962 when he was nineteen. He was so poor and hungry, he went to people farms to steal food then beg and ask for forgiveness. He started preaching the gospel of Jesus although many people saw him as strange. The Bible accurately shows how we can become one with Jesus by repentance which lead to the remission of sin making you Holy, Perfect and righteous just like God. This truly amazing gospel Satan has blinded people that they don’t understand.

pastor park's early years of preaching the gospel.jpg -- Pastor Park's early years of preaching the gospel

Rev. Park started preaching the gospel in Korea and people who received grace to receive the work of Jesus on the cross became clean and spotless without sin also moved out preaching the gospel. With no way for South Korea to develop, gospel was the only way. But Good News Mission started sending missionaries all over the world and amazing things began to happen. Currently 80,000 pastors have receive the forgiveness of sin through Good News Mission, established Gracias Choir (www.graciaschoir.com) which has become the best choir in the whole world and International Youth Fellowship (www.iyfkenya.org), the biggest youth organization leading the youth through the mind education

International Youth Fellowship world's largest youth organization.jpg -- International Youth Fellowship world's largest youth organization

Gracias-Choir-named-the-best-choir-in-the-world.jpg -- Gracias-Choir-named-the-best-choir-in-the-world

2019 we should not only be trying to live a comfortable life, just like the American citizens that time, think about Jesus more than yourself, think about the church more than your family, think about the gospel more than your business and God will bless you. As you serve God by testifying the work of Jesus on the cross to make your sins as white as snow, god will bless you, he will make Kenya the best country in the whole world.

Jesus more than yourself, church more than your family live for God and give yourself for the work of the gospel. Preach this gospel of forgiveness of sins through blood of Jesus. God will make you the best people of the world, your children will be blessed, everything of you will be blessed and God will be pleased.

In the wake of the New Year we hope you the reader can think about how you will live in 2019!