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“Fungua Moyo” Kenya Church Deacons and Deaconesses meet for 2nd Workshop

Fungua Moyo’ is the Swahili word for ‘Open your Heart’. As we do our spiritual life, the heart to receive grace at all times is what is important.

Friday 22, February 2019 nearly a hundred church leaders drawn from all the Good News Mission Nairobi Church (GNM) Kenya church branches were beginning a weekend of fellowship and repentance.

The main aim of the workshop was for the church leaders to reflect their heart through the word of God. Throughout the workshop testimonies were shared. Main speakers were the GNM pastors who visited South Korea for a three month training last winter. The new heart they gained from the mother church and the servant of God, Rev. Ock Soo Park, made the workshop all the more graceful.

group1 meetings.jpg Leaders open their heart during group fellowship

Pastor Dennis from GNM Rongo Church testified that during his stay in S. Korea he came to change his heart upon learning the four things consisted in Reverend Park’s spiritual Life, these being;

  1. Before any difficulty or situation, he does not acknowledge people or the situation.
  2. He responds to what the scripture says like in Romans 4:3:- For what says the scripture? ...
  3. In the face of difficult circumstances or aridity, he does not try to solve anything but, by uniting his heart with the saints in church through prayer he is able to solve all things.
  4. And by having constant fellowship.

group 2 meeting.jpg Leaders open their heart during group fellowship

Who were among the dead at the Passover in Egypt?

Leaders also heard how during the Passover feast in Egypt, though commanded to apply blood on the doors and Lintels; there were still some that died. Who were those that died?

The command was that; “No one should go out till morning.” Exodus 14:22

However some got bored of staying inside and decide to go out. They are the ones that died.

Romans 5:9:- Much more then, being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him.

Jesus should always be before me. I should not appear anywhere since the angel of death passes over only after he sees the blood. Jesus overcame Satan through the word of God;

‘For it is written…’

group 4.jpg

The reason that many people live establishing themselves is because they do not have any love for their soul.

Just like the Pharisees who brought the woman caught in the act of adultery, we live thinking, ‘I’m good’, ‘I’m okay’, and ‘I’m profitable’. The reason that God allows great work of the gospel in our spiritual life is for us to come to repentance. On the contrary, when the great works of the gospel accumulate in our hearts we can no longer listen. Our true position is that of the woman caught in the very act of adultery. We are dirty, filthy, adulterous, lustful and unprofitable.



Through the workshop the church leaders realized that, when we do not consent 100% to the word of God, Satan comes in and interferes with us. True freedom is to belong to Jesus and by going beyond our ability.