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The Courage of The Earth Worm

Isaiah 41:14

Picture a worm that is about to cross a busy highway. How long do you think it will take to the make it to the other end? Exactly. Your guess is as good as mine, its chances of making it across the highway alive are 1 in a million.


Let’s say this worm is the most courageous in the worm colony. He is the guy who all the ladies adore and the young men envy. Better still, his courage to cross the busy highway is a death wish, no way can a worm make it across a busy highway alive. In short this is a suicidal valor. Similarly we find like tendencies in the human species. People are generous to themselves. Because of this we tend to see ourselves as good, intelligent and above all better than everyone else in one way or the other even in the most trivial and minutest things that rarely matter. But how much do you think we can outdo the world? You are better than some of the people that you know, in your village, in your district and maybe in your country. But you can never be the best of all. That’s why we should always have a humble heart that is ready to repent, no matter how good or right one may be. Mark 14:29 - 31 Peter vowed to lay down his life if that is what it would take to separate him from Jesus. He was ready to die protecting Jesus. Surely Peter’s courage was genuine. He was willing to do this for Jesus, but his bravery can only be likened to that of the courageous worm. Imagine if Peter would have died protecting Jesus and saved his life!! There would be chaos in this world, Satan would totally have control over the world. Peter’s sincere heart was actually emanating from himself and not from God. Later he denied Jesus and swore that he did not know Jesus.


Matthew 26:72

“And again he denied with an oath, I do not know the man.” God worked this way in Peter’s life to show him that only the word of God is true. It is that thought that you are right that blocks the word of God from entering your heart and changing your life. Peter wanting to protect Jesus seem like a good and sincere heart, but before God this is an evil heart because it is Jesus who came to die for the sins of the world. That’s why Peter’s good heart is not useful. Similarly the worms’ courage is useless; it will die before it gets to the other side. This worm is you and I.