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1st Kenya Church Leaders Workshop


The Good News Mission (GNM)has was established in 1964 by Reverend Ock Soo Park in south Korea and it was not until the early years of the 80's that the mission overseas ministry through the sending of missionaries.


This year marks the 24th year since the established of GNM Kenya. To that effect the GNM Kenya held its 1st GNM Kenya Church Leader Workshop. The workshop was attended by over 120 church leaders representing all the GNM Kenya brunch churches.


Senior pastor of Nairobi church Missionary Kim Yohan opened the workshop by welcoming the leaders who for the first time attended such a gathering. Pastor Yohan guided the leaders in the way of participating and joining hands in writing a new history in preaching the gospel in Kenya. He testified how many things have changed in the countries where the gospel was preached. His message was that “We are important people who hold the economies for our country because we have the gospel”. Further elaborating how countries like US and Britain and south Korea prospered when they preached the gospel. Pastor asked the leaders to go out as missionaries and God will bless the land of Kenya.


Leaders freely shared their testimonies and listened to testimonies of their colleagues in the conference and this provided chance to know how strongly God is working all over the country.


Currently mind Education is a very important tool for preaching the Gospel in Kenya and especially in government institutions in the security sector.

Group fellowships were held allowing a rare chance to have a one on one testimony time for the leaders from different regions of Kenya.



The leaders had another rare opportunity to unite their hearts through mind recreation. As they participated in the mind recreation, we saw how their hearts were able to unite in joy and happiness.



The leaders also listened from GNM Secretary General Pastor Hun Mok Lee and Missionary Jin Ho Lee of Kyushu GNM church in Japan.

The leaders were pleased and now have gone back to their branches with the mind to preach the gospel and serve in the work of the gospel with the new motto of GNM Kenya church, of

“Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you Matthew 6:33”

Now Kenya is preaching the gospel through Church leaders.